Youth Ministry

Your are loved. You have purpose. You are not alone.

Join us Friday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm, where the Jr. High and High School students gather in-person for Bible Study, worship, and fellowship. 

We also have a number of events each year for the purpose of outreach, service, and Christ-centered fellowship.

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Upcoming Actitivies

Get Your T-Shirts Here! We need your t-shirt size ASAP! It’s finally time for our much-talked-about-but-never-created TMBC Youth t-shirts (and sweaters later on). Send us your t-shirt size by filling out the form here as soon as you can so we know what to order:

Friday, Oct. 20: Small group hangout night! Show up on time, as we’ll split up into our small groups and each will head out somewhere local (who knows, boba or coffee or tacos or boba or boba) to hang out and have a good chat. Food is on us, but bring some cash with you, in case.

Sunday, Nov. 12: Sunday Lunch and Bowling Day! We’ll have a quick meal after church and then head off to knock some pins down. Bring $20 for bowling and extra spending cash for snacks/arcade. Registration is required for this event, as we have limited space. Register by 10/31 by clicking here: Note: you may need to login to Church Center to sign up (it’s easy, just use your phone number). If you have issues, please email us with the info of who is signing up and we’ll help register you.

Sunday, Nov 19: All-Church CHF Mega-Pack: Hang out with us after church to pack 1500 boxes of food for local neighborhood families! You guys are the experts in packing, we need you there! We may do some box-making on Friday, the 17th, to help set up (we know this is, by far, Aidan’s favorite event!)

Friday, Nov 24: No Youth Group. Enjoy Thanksgiving with family!

Friday, Dec. 15: The 2023 Youth Christmas Extravaganza! Yes, it’s back and better than ever. Ugly sweaters, Christmas games, crazy videos, special surprises! It’s gonna be a blast as we celebrate the birth of the King! You’ll need to bring your ugliest or most-Christmasy sweater/t-shirt (there will be a grand prize) and one wrapped gift ($25 max) for the white elephant game (Yankee Swap!). Special start time of 6:30pm.

Dec 22, Dec 29, and Jan 5, 2024: No Youth Group these Fridays. Enjoy Christmas break with your families!

Sometime in Jan (maybe the 12th): It’s coming! The one, the only … the Youth Fast Food Formal v2.0! Last year, we said goodbye to our old home, this year we say a formal hello to our new home! And this year, there is gonna be a mega-surprise (God willing)! We ain’t playin’ around. Your theme of the year: British Royalty at the Palace! Yup, come dressed in your most-Britishy or most-Colonialy or most-Hamiltony getup (or just super fancy clothes) as we have an unbelievably fancy dinner (aka whatever fast food you bring), take British Royalty glam photos, make formal toasts (it’s just juice, calm down), and much more! A very special knighting ceremony may be in the works as well! More details to come.

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Uncomfortable Questions: Ask Away

Every so often during our Friday night services, we’ll take a break from our regular series and walk through what we’re calling, “Uncomfortable Questions.” These are questions from you, our students, on any topic you feel might need some discussion or a deeper dive into the Word together. Let’s not shy away from the tough questions in life, but bring them to the table together and see what God has to say about them.

Use the form below to ask any tough question you want. Don’t worry, your questions will remain private. We’ll keep track of all sincere questions and tackle them every so often on a Friday night. Your name is optional, feel free to ask anonymously. But if you want to talk about your tough question on a more personal level, add your name and check the box below so we can chat about it sooner rather than later.

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