2023 Week 5 Reading – Acts 6

One of the things we’re told in the Scriptures is that the servant is no greater than the Master—if people hated Jesus, they will hate His followers.

2023 Week 4 Reading – Acts 2

How amazing would it have been to be present on the Day of Pentecost when the Spirit was poured out
and the early Christians were filled?

2023 Week 3 Reading – Mark 14

Jan 19 Reading

We live in a society that prizes self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence is often seen as a fatal flaw and the presence of self-confidence almost as a guarantee of success.

2023 Week 2 Reading – Mark 6

As I was reading this morning’s passage from the 5x5x5 Reading Plan (the feeding of the five-thousand and Jesus walking on water), I was struck again by two realities.

2023 Week 1 Reading – Mark 4

This week, our reading plan has us in the first five chapters of Mark’s Gospel.  Mark is a fast-paced Gospel with a quick crescendo as Jesus’ power and authority are made very apparent. 

2023 Reading Plan Introduction

As we start our journey through the New Testament together (check out the 5x5x5 Reading plan), we will post regularly here.